Digital Media Training for Successful Career Development


If you're willing to invest the energy and time that goes into earning a BAVC Certificate, we can help you change your life. BAVC Certificate students find new jobs, receive salary increases, start their own businesses and find life-long collaborators. Through it all, you'll be immersed in an ecosystem that brings industry, community and government together to help people reshape their careers. Certificates range in price from $1,600 to $6,000, depending on what you want to get out of your training and include an hour consultation focusing on your individual goals and a plan for achieving them.


  • Professionals who want to learn new skills
  • Job seekers who want to refresh their skill sets
  • People making a career change
  • Freelance and project-based workers who want to stay up with current trends
  • Self-taught digital media folks who want to learn "the right way to do things"
  • Recent college grads
  • Students who want to skip college and get immersed immediately in digital media skill building


Much like a teaching hospital, BAVC is a full video production and postproduction facility where mediamakers have come for nearly four decades to make real-world projects. Students learn side-by-side with professionals creating content for broadcast television, the web, mobile devices and interactive games.

Because BAVC has been training professionals for the last 15 years, we have partnered with over 1,000 Bay Area employers. We have 15 years experience working with government agencies and state "one-stops" and we boast a 95% placement rate from the people who graduate from our programs. Our award-winning, hands-on training is limited to a 10-to-1 ratio for individualized attention and our curriculum is reviewed regularly by industry hiring managers for relevancy and impact.

That's why, in 2011, BAVC was the recipient of the MacArthur Foundation Award for Creative and Effective Institutions as an innovator in media and technology for the public good.


Graphic & Web Design Certificate
Web Development Certificate
Video Production Certificate
Video Postproduction Certificate
Motion Graphics Certificate
Web Design: Experiential Design Certificate

Looking to get some very specific skills quickly? You might want to opt for a Fast Tracks Certificate.

Students who can demonstrate an intermediate skill set can substitute a different class for Intro classes.


Attendance Policy

In order to successfully complete a Bay Area Video Coalition certificate a student must be in attendance no less than 75% of total class hours. An appeal,or exception can be made in extreme circumstances on a case by case basis. Appeals must be emailed to the Bay Area Video Coalition training department at

no later than the student’s expected certification completion date.


Retention of Student Records

Bay Area Video Coalition maintains a thorough and accurate system for entering, storing, updating, reporting and securing data on student records. Each student’s progress is carefully updated to ensure that an accurate and complete record of their academic program becomes a part of their permanent record. Bay Area Video Coalition maintains all Student Records for a period of at least five years from the last academic year of enrollment.

❏ REQUIRED: Excellent computer skills
❏ REQUIRED: Strong networking skills
❏ REQUIRED: Temperment for long hours in front of a computer
❏ REQUIRED: Not overwhelmed by technical instruction
❏ GOOD TO HAVE: Good communication and interpersonal skills
❏ GOOD TO HAVE: Interest in media design, production, editing, game design, marketing, web
❏ GOOD TO HAVE: Strong creative bent
❏ GOOD TO HAVE: Self-starter
❏ GOOD TO HAVE: Dedicate 8-12 hours /week perfecting your skill set
❏ GOOD TO HAVE: Have access to the software programs needed to develop new skills
❏ BONUS: Previous experience in visual design, production, programming or editing
❏ BONUS: Already has an online portfolio

(Please note: Once you're enrolled in the certificate program, you have one year starting from your first class to complete your training.  If training exceeds one year, student must formally submit an request for extension letter which may or may not be approved.)