Research & Field Building

Our work in the field

BAVC Media conducts research and field-building activities related to advancing knowledge, and to increasing our collective power as an independent media arts field. This spirit of inquiry, innovation, organizing is wired into our DNA as an organization.

Through the expertise of our staff and collaborators over the last five decades, we have contributed to the development to the body of knowledge and practice about subjects such as:

  • Accessible video technology for communities
  • Video art
  • Career-oriented media education for youth and young adults
  • Media makers as gig workers
  • Media and tech apprenticeships
  • QC tools

Over the past three years BAVC Media has been engaged in projects to support the strengthening of our local film and media ecosystem in the Bay Area, especially post-Covid shutdowns, as well as national projects to support knowledge about audio-visual preservation, and to build a more cohesive, collaborative and engaged media arts sector in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts.

You can find out more about our current projects here!

Bay Area Film and Media Research Projects

BAVC Media (Bay Area Video Coalition) has published the Bay Area Film Production Memo, alongside a nationwide research study designed to learn more about strategies to boost film production in the Bay Area, and associated economic and social benefits.

Bay Area Media Maker Summit (BAMMS)

Founded in 2021, BAMMS is a collaborative initiative to cultivate a healthy and inclusive Bay Area filmmaking community. Activities have ranged from an annual summit, local short film screenings and research reports.

National AV Preservation Study

Mapping the Magnetic Media Landscape is a nationwide study of the state of magnetic media preservation in the United States.

Indie Media Arts Group (IMAG)

The Independent Film & Media Arts Field-Building Initiative is a collaborative partnership between the National Endowment for the Arts and (BAVC Media) focused on creating a space for knowledge exchange and relationship-building, with an emphasis on promoting regional networks, equity, and career sustainability for individuals working in the film and media arts industry.