Transmission Studio: The Art of Journalism with Nastia Voynovskaya

Published On: November 15, 2023 |

Watch the second episode of Transmission Studio, a new series from SF Commons

We spoke with Nastia Voynovskaya about the state of Bay Area journalism with a specific focus on arts and culture reporting. Nastia is a Russian-born, Oakland-based journalist. She’s the associate editor at KQED Arts & Culture and co-creator of KQED’s Bay Area hip-hop history project That’s My Word. She’s the recipient of the 2018 Society of Professional Journalists-Northern California award for arts & culture reporting.

Transmission Studio is a series of intimate conversations with the independent artists and community-based organizations living and working within the vibrant, complicated and ever-evolving ecosystem of San Francisco arts and culture. It aspires to inform, inspire and more importantly spark meaningful and critical dialogue on the state of the artists who remain committed to this city in spite of unprecedented social, economic and political challenges.

Where You Can Watch Transmission Studio

Episodes will premiere every second and fourth Thursday on SFC.TV. If you miss the first stream episodes will be uploaded to our YouTube channel the following morning at 11am.

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