BAVC Media’s 2018-2019 Residency Program provides Bay Area-based artists working in moving image media a home base from which to continue developing creative work. In addition to providing office space shared between residents, $2,000 worth of BAVC Media courses, fiscal sponsorship, and free membership, the BAVC Media Residency affords the chance to plug into BAVC Media’s community of fellow artists, filmmakers and creative professionals, with opportunities for peer feedback sessions and public work-in-progress screenings. The Residency program builds on the success of BAVC Media’s Artist-in-Resident program, to continue to provide local independent media makers with support and opportunities for creative and professional growth.

Meet BAVC Media’s 2018-19 Residents: Jason Hanasik and Leah Nichols

Program Structure

The roughly nine-month residency period (October 1, 2018 – June 28, 2019) is occupied by two residents simultaneously, who share an office space that is equally equipped for post-production work and team or client meetings. Halfway through the residency period, both residents will be given respective peer feedback sessions, with a public, joint artist’s talk and work-in-progress screening to be held toward the end of the residency period.

The BAVC Media Residency Program is supported by the San Francisco Film Commission.

Program Offerings

The Residency Program also offers participants the following benefits:

  • Dedicated office space at BAVC Media’s San Francisco facility equipped with industry-standard editing equipment.
  • $2,000 worth of BAVC Media classes to be taken during the residency period.
  • Rough-cut feedback and exhibition opportunities:
    • A private peer feedback session, held midway through the residency period.
    • An artist’s talk and work-in-progress screening for the public to be held toward the end of the residency period.
  • Residents may work with program staff to plan and coordinate other opportunities for sharing work and for collaborating with other BAVC Media program staff and participants.
  • A free BAVC Media membership at the Producer’s Bundle level (for more information go to
  • Assistance with promotion of public screenings and events outside of the residency program.

Program Eligibility & Criteria

  • Due to residency period length and the fact that program does not cover travel, ground transportation or lodging, applicants must be Bay Area-based.
  • Applicant must be actively engaged in a film, video, television, or other moving image media-centered project.
  • One of the residency spots will be earmarked for a project that is locating 55% or more of its shooting days in San Francisco during the residency period.
  • Applicant’s project must have a strong digital media component or vision (BAVC Media does not provide analog film resources). Projects can be web-based, linear, interactive, performance, installation, exhibition, or a hybrid of these and need not necessarily be a documentary film.
  • BAVC Media takes special interest in projects that have a strong potential for social impact, but encourages applicants with projects of any genre or subject matter to apply.
  • BAVC Media is particularly interested in supporting a diverse cross-section of artists with multidisciplinary backgrounds, as well as applicants who demonstrate a capacity for artistic growth.
  • Applicants are asked to propose a specific project they will work on while in residence but there is no requirement to complete the proposed project during that time.

Application Requirements

Applicants will be asked to provide short-form answers to the following prompts in addition to completely filling out the rest of the online application:

  • Media Sample: In addition to being asked to provide a link to an online portfolio of work, BAVC Media requests a multimedia sample that is representative of the project the applicant wishes to work on while in reisdence. Samples must be uploaded to a third-party site (e.g. Vimeo or YouTube), and submitted as a direct link. The total running time must not exceed 10 minutes.
  • Artistic Statement: (500 words maximum) Describe your practice, discussing your discipline(s) (if applicable), areas of interest, and why this residency is the right opportunity at this particular juncture.
  • Project Proposal: (500 words maximum) Describe the project you want to work on or generate while in residence.
  • Timeline: (200 words maximum) Provide a nine-month timeline. How would your project unfold over the course of your residency?
  • CV or resume (two pages maximum).
  • Two professional references.


  • Application deadline: Tuesday, September 4, 2018
  • Applications notified: The week of September 17th
  • Residents Announced: Monday, October 1, 2018

Meet BAVC Media’s 2018-19 Residents: Jason Hanasik and Leah Nichols