Sisa Bueno

Originally from New York City, Sisa Bueno is an Afro-Latina film & multimedia maker who is fascinated by people of all cultures and seeks to awaken our own empowerment. The NBC Network named Sisa an NBC Latino Innovator for her filmmaking, and she is a recipient of the ITVS-PBS Diversity Development grant and HotDocs CrossCurrents grant. Sisa is also a member of the NEW INC tech incubator program within the New Museum working with Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

For Venida, For Kalief

“For Venida, For Kalief” is an empathetic cinematic essay film with visual poetry that pays homage to the tragic story of Kalief Browder, who committed suicide in his home after being stuck in horrific limbo in Rikers Island jail for allegedly stealing a backpack. The film uses the poetry of his mother, Venida, (both deceased) to explore the concept of legacy, and the impact that the Kalief Browder case has had on New York City and New York State.