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Craig Udit

Craig Udit has hosted public access shows in San Francisco since 1992, beginning at the former studios of Access SF, South of Market. In his professional life, he started as a radio talk show host and news/sports reporter in Pennsylvania, then moved to Los Angeles, where he was the director of captioning for the CBS TV network, and later a commercial actor and television host. He now operates a website development and marketing firm in San Francisco. Craig values public access television as the last great medium free from corporate influence and encourages you to support its future.

About the ShowSF Talkback is a live call-in show, where we take on the serious and silly issues of the day, with a San Francisco perspective and a healthy dose of cynicism toward the media, government and corporate institutions which surround us.

On the Air Since: 3/25/2007

When to Watch: 5pm First and Third Wednesdays of the month on Channel 76 (LIVE)