Emerging Mediamakers

Are you a young person interested in joining the professional field of Information Technology?  TechSF is a government-funded program that has a unique offer just for you: receive technical training, career counseling, an internship stipend, and job placement support at no cost!

Through the TechSF program you receive:

  • BAVC certification in Graphic + Web Design, Motion Graphics, Web Development and Experiential Design.
  • Professional portfolio development for multimedia participants
  • Access to a career coach
  • Internship stipend (up to $1200 upon completion)
  • Assistance with job or higher education placement
  • Access to networking events and career workshops

Plus, receive a $200 Amazon gift card upon acceptance!


To participate as TechSF Emerging Mediamaker you need to be:

  • 17 – 24 years old
  • Authorized to work in the U.S.
  • If male and 18, registered for Selective Service
  • If you are between 17-21 and enrolled in school, you must be low-income
  • Must meet one additional barrier:
    • have a learning or physical disability
    • have dropped out of school
    • reside in public housing
    • currently receiving assistance from public assistance programs such as Food stamps, TANF, Calworks, GA, etc.
    • be a single parent or pregnant
    • be a resident of a Targeted Employment Area
    • be an emancipated youth
    • be a current or former foster youth
    • face substance abuse issues
    • have never held a job for more than 13 weeks
    • be homeless
    • be deficient in basic skills



The perfect introduction to all of Adobe's Creative Suite design tools so can create professional, web and print-ready graphics and layouts.

Gain a solid understanding of Adobe's Creative Suite design tools, as well as basic open-source coding. You’ll be able to hand code a website with a must-have grasp of cross-browser issues.

If you’ve always wanted to build a website but have never written a line of code, this Fast Track covers the basics of web development.

Develop your design aesthetic while learning how tell a story with moving images using Adobe After Effects.

Career Coaching

BAVC’s Career Coaches have years of experience helping people land their dream jobs. They’ll tailor their approach to your needs and goals and will be by your side every step of the way.

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Career Workshops

Having technical chops is only half of the picture. BAVC’s free Career Workshops can make your resume sing, punch up your networking skills, or increase your confidence during interviews.

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