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GEARS Leadership Council

Generating Engaging Art(ists) Reflecting Society

GEARS is a youth-led advisory board that works within BAVC to build community, both within the organization and externally, and to support and improve youth programming. Started in 2014, GEARS aims to provide expanded opportunities for leadership skills training and professional development for participants as well as to engage young people as partners in decisions which affected BAVC more broadly. Some representatives get the chance to present at conferences. In the past they have led workshops at Dreamforce, the Allied Media Conference, National Conference on Race and Ethnicity, Open Engagement Conference, and the Social Justice Symposium. Each track nominates two student representatives, who commit to serving on the GEARS board for an entire year and aim to work on projects that help better the BAVC community.

More details for GEARS coming soon!

Alemnew Mesfin - GEARS
Reel Life Student
Game, Code, and Design Student
Nicole Rivera - BAVC GEARS
Factory Student
Jessie Skeva - BAVC GEARS
Reel Life Student
Omri Walker - GEARS
Sound Bytes Student