Success Story: Ryah

So Refreshing

Myariah (or Ryah for short), found out about BUMP Records two years ago through one of her friends at Oakland School for the Arts (OSA) . The friend asked her to walk down the street to the BUMP studio to record some background vocals for a new track they were producing. While Ryah was in the studio, BUMP Manager Robert Collins saw something special in her, and strongly encouraged her to come back. Ryah was 15-years-old at the time, living in Hercules, and commuting daily to OSA.

As Ryah tells it, she has been singing since she was 3-years-old -- at churches, weddings, talent shows, and city-wide festivals. In 9th grade, after a serious Lupus flare-up which led to her having surgery on her lungs and vocal chords, Ryah lost her voice for a period of time, and she had to teach herself to sing all over again. This struggle renewed Ryah's passion for music and made her commit to making it a career.

BUMP challenged Ryah to push herself musically, and it gave her the opportunity to learn more about the production and business side of making music. She was able to learn the value of networking, and she had the opportunity to travel and perform across the country. 

Last year, Ryah wrote and performed "A Girl's Life," a song that was licensed by filmmakers Kristy Guevara-Flanagan and Dawn Valadaz for their independent documentary titled "Going on 13." Ryah traveled to New York with the Producers of "Going on 13" to perform the song live at the film's World Premiere at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival.

In addition to an impromptu performance at Arturo’s Pizzeria in New York, Ryah also visited The Lower East Side Girls club where she participated in a weekly performance workshop with local female musicians. Ryah also got to travel to the Allied Media Conference last summer in Detroit. There she got to network with other young media producers, as well as perform and talk about her work.

Ryah would say of her travels, "I've had the opportunity of going to places I've never been before like, New York and Detroit and, I've not only met people in those cities but, I have also made friendships with them as well. I'm blessed and fortunate enough to always get work because of those networks I've made."

Currently, Ryah is working on two writing/production projects. She is working with a producer in LA named Matt Price who produced E40 and Akon's "Wake It Up". And she is working with a production team called Live Productions in Indiana. She also sings live at different clubs in the Bay Are and in LA. In fact, she is in a show that's mini touring right now in different cities called, "The Pleasure's of Love Show" where she is singing backup for Dahrio Wonder, an artist signed with Foxx King Productions.

Ryah hopes to get signed with a writer's deal in the next few years, and she also sees herself backgrounding for various artists. As Ryah said recently, "This is just the beginning for me and I've come too far to stop now. I'm claiming it already that I'm destined to be something magnificent."

We couldn't agree more.