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We are delighted to share with you a brand new resource, the "Impact Playbook: Best Practices for Understanding the Impact of Media."  This practical, no-nonsense guide was created specifically for use by social issue media makers, and contains a wealth of best practices for developing your engagement strategies and measuring and communicating the impact of your work.


Make Media

From 2013-2015, members of the Bay Area Video Coalition’s Preservation Department worked closely with a technical team led by Dave Rice on a National Endowment for the Humanities-funded research and development project. The result of this work was QCTools, free and open source quality control software designed to aid in the analysis of reformatted analog video materials. The following white paper describes the motivations, technical developments, challenges, and future prospects for the QCTools effort. Adopted widely within the audiovisual preservation community, QCTools is significant both for the functions its serves, and for what it represents: that we can, and should, design these tools for ourselves, rather than relying on proprietary, stretched-to-fit, corporate solutions. And given the inevitable decline of magnetic media, there is no time to delay.

White Paper
Preserve Media

BAVC's Digital Pathways Video Curriculum is designed to introduce the tools of media production and analysis through creative and socially relevant visual storytelling. Through the creation of two video stories, students complete every phase of filmmaking: storyboarding, directing, shooting, and editing on Final Cut Pro. Our goal is to nurture the talents, skills, and development of young people, and we respect thexperience and perspective that each young person brings to the program.

Youth Programs
Next Gen

“Developing and Implementing a Digital Video Repository for Legacy Dance Documentation” by Lauren Sorensen and Tanisha Jones published in The Memory of the World in the Digital Age: Digitization and Preservation Conference Proceedings, by UNESCO. March 2013.

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