Find answers to all your questions about BAVC Media’s certificate programs with this handy Certificates FAQ.

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How long does it take to get a certificate?

Training usually takes 3 to 6 months depending on scheduling and certificate.

What are the training costs?

Certificates generally range from $4800 – $6000 although you may be able to earn a flexible Certificate, choosing only the portions you need. These customizable Certificates may range between $1500 – $7500.

Are there scholarships available?

The Carl Weichert Mograph Scholarship is available to Motion Graphics Certificate students. Founded in honor of the late veteran BAVC Media instructor Carl Weichert, the Carl Weichert Mograph Scholarship is given out annually to a Motion Graphics Certificate student to cover the full cost of their training. Recipients are identified and selected by BAVC Media staff based on a variety of factors, with an emphasis on financial need and personal career goals. Although BAVC Media does not accept applications or inquiries regarding the Carl Weichert Mograph Scholarship, donations to the fund can be made via this link.

What is a customizable Certificate?

You may be able to opt out of specific classes if you already posses expertise in a certain area. Talk to us about what you want to learn, what you already know and we’ll put together a curriculum designed specifically to your needs.

Which companies have hired your graduates?

The University of California, XYZ Graphics, Google, Pixar, Sony Interactive, eBay, Ad Art, Salesforce, Kabam,, San Francisco Ballet, UCSF, AEI Consultants, Aspera and Gazillion among others.

Who typically enrolls in BAVC Media classes and who earns certificates?

We train thousands of digital media professionals from companies such as Yahoo, Cisco, Ubisoft, Viz, XYZ Graphics, CBS Interactive, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Intel, SEGA, Safeway, Wells Fargo, Adobe, Sephora, Eventbrite, IDEO, Launchsquad, Modcloth, Mother Jones, NerdWallet, Square, The Exploratorium, Apple, SF Chronicle, Pandora, Viscira, The Asia Foundation and many, many more. We also train hundreds of dislocated workers who have been laid off or are refreshing their skills so they’re more marketable, in addition to youth from at-risk environments, emerging filmmakers, and K-12 teachers.

What makes BAVC Media’s training different?

Our curriculum is based on what skills employers currently find relevant, is taught by industry professionals, and includes the very training that employees need to work in the field and continue on their career paths. Classes are small, intensive, and utilize real-world examples.

Will a BAVC Media certificate help me get a job?

BAVC Media’s reputation as a training center is stellar and earning one of our certificates is regarded as extremely valuable but it’s really up to you. When you come to class, be fully engaged, ask relevant questions and push yourself afterwards to practice and create work samples. Take time to understand how software applications relate to each other and learn the practical workflows that will make your skills outstanding. Then, build a great resume and portfolio, keep your spirits up and network, network, network! The number one way to get a job is through someone you know. Don’t sit back and wait—make it happen for yourself!