Advanced Training Manager

Keith Battle

Keith Battle is a born storyteller. Whether through lyric verse and music, film/video, or at the gaming table in an epic D&D session, Keith’s thirst and enthusiasm for stories is on display. This love of sharing stories informs his passion for teaching. Keith finds deep joy in helping students find their way to “Aha!” moments. Keith also has a knack for putting creative people together. He sees and then seizes upon connections and opportunities for collaboration. Keith’s current dream project is a sci-fi psychedelic martial arts feature film that spans several thousand years… or does it?

Keith Battle works calendar magic building and scheduling courses and workshops at BAVC Media for professional training and development. Keith is also an instructor for several video production and post-production classes, including the always-popular Video Production Bootcamps. When the stars align Keith also gets tapped for special assignments like planning, shooting and finishing student success story videos. Keith is often a player in BAVC Media’s strategic partnerships with local school districts, non-profits, and film festivals.