Digital Pathways

Digital Pathways offers training and pre-professional opportunities for young people (ages 14-24) who want to learn skills to advance their potential for careers in technology and the media arts. There are currently two separate Digital Pathways programs that applicants can apply for:

1) TRACKS - Students choose from four tracks - Video, Audio, 3D Gaming & Animation, or Creative Coding Apps (Open Source) - and participate in intensive training that leads to a portfolio of projects, and paid internships in their chosen field. During the training period, Digital Pathways students are challenged to apply their technical skills towards addressing community issues and exploring their own artistic voices while also preparing for job readiness. At the conclusion of the program, some tracks also offer three units of college credit. Graduates of TRACKS will have an opportunity to apply to either a different track or matriculate into BRIDGES in the Fall.

2) BRIDGES - In partnership with City College of San Francisco, BAVC offers CCSF students and Digital Pathways alumni an enhanced internship program that allows students to apply their coursework in the workforce. In addition to placement in a paid internship, BRIDGES provides mentorship, career skills training, and family engagement events. Graduates of BRIDGES will have an opportunity to return as paid mentors in the Fall.

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Please note we are no longer accepting applications for Spring 2012 programs. Please check back here in August to apply for Fall 2012 programs.