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Directed by Ray Archila and Jaison Cabebe.
A Factory/BUMP Records collaboration. Music by Oso.

Black Girls Code

Directed by Buffy Almendares, Owen Smith-Clark , Jacob Hirsohn, Angelisa Candler, Takai Ginwright.
This short documentary profiles the ethos and experiences of the non-profit organization, Black Girls Code. Geared towards giving more access to young women and students of color, this organization teaches kids how to program and design computer software and web sites. 


Creative Growth

Made by Julian Compagni-Portis, Stephanie Hoang, and Matthew Zabb-Parmley.
A short documentary about the youth summer program that takes place at Creative Growth arts studio in Oakland. in partnership with Creative Growth. 6 minutes.


Directed by Fifer Garbesi.

This short documentary gives a portrait of a small village in Ghana as they wait for the annual rainy season to transform their environment and nourish their community. 4 min.

Bucket Man

Directed by Jaison Cabebe.

This short documentary gives a glimpse into the life and history of San Francisco street performer, Bucket Man. 3.5 minutes.

History in These Streets

Directed by Nick Liem, Brian Birchett and Patrick Manning.

A short documentary about the Black Panther Legacy tours of West Oakland and the sites of historical significance that the City of Oakland has chosen to ignore. Made in collaboration with The Huey P. Newton Foundation. 7 mins.



Independence in Sight

Directed by Ray Archila and Jaison Cabebe.

Vision-impaired teenagers strive to achieve their independence with the living skills they learn at the Hatlen Center for the Blind.


Directed by David Johnson.

An observational documentary about two Tibetan refugees living in North India and their daily routine of making steamed dumplings to sell at a town market.

The King

Directed by Henry Zaballos.

A young boy stranded in a deserted island passes the time by having small adventures and looking for new friends.

Bridging the Gap

Directed by Stephanie Hoang.

A documentary about the complications that can arise between Asian American-born teenager and their immigrant parents.


Youth Voices '08

Directed by Sydney Matterson.

Teenagers from Oakland and the East Bay are invited to voice their opinions on Election Day, November 4, 2008, in a video confessional booth outside Oakland's City Hall building.

How to Set a House on Fire

Directed by Henry Zaballos.

Adapted from a short story by Stace Budzko, "How to Set a House of Fire" tells the story of a man who breaks from his family and his past in one incendiary act.

Portrait: Anais Kane

Created by Jazmin Jones.

A short video portrait of BUMP musician Anais Kane.