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Volunteer Website Designer/Builder

Courageous Women Association

1714 Franklin Street, #100-276
Oakland, CA 94612

Web Development
April 5

Courageous Women Association is seeking a volunteer website designer/builder to create the next iteration of our organization’s website, www.courageouswomen.org.

Specifically, we are seeking to build a new site using a standard website-builder platform (e.g., Squarespace, Wix, etc.) to create an elegant, compelling, and effective website that will inspire and engage our volunteers and supporters.

Audiences (in order of priority)
1.      New and existing individual and corporate donors and grantmaking organizations looking for information about Courageous Women Association, seeking to make an online donation, or doing research into the credibility and effectiveness of our organization.

2.      New and existing volunteers and partners looking for information about how to get involved, both generally and in support of specific annual events.

3.      Social-services staff members and individuals experiencing domestic violence, homelessness, and other diversity, seeking information about our services and programs. (Although this is our core constituency much of the communication is done offline, which is why this audience is our third priority.)


New Website Objectives (In order of priority):
1.      Inspire the confidence of new and existing donors, supporters, and volunteers, in the professionalism, credibility, and effectiveness of Courageous Women Association.

2.      Increase volume of online donations through inspiring content, seamless donation experience, and best fundraising practices.

3.      Capture site visitors’ contact information through subscription mechanism.

4.      Make information about Courageous Women Association’s mission, programs, and accomplishments easy to find and understand.

5.      Create a site that non-technically-savvy volunteers can easily maintain and update and that will not quickly become dated over time.

New Website Wish List:
1.      Uniqueness. Although we understand the benefit of templated website builders, we don’t want to look like every other boring nonprofit website out there. We are an organization run by bold, creative, empowered women making a difference, and our website should convey our organization’s unique personality.

2.      Video. We love video and are very pleased with the brand video recently produced by a group of talented volunteers, and would like to make this and future video efforts central to our web presence.

3.      E-commerce. We would love to incorporate a more sophisticated version of our “Courage Shop” (see existing website) as well as a way to host an online “silent auction” in conjunction with future fundraising events. However, we would need help finding a solution that is easy to administer and has a low transaction cost.

4.      Forms. We would love to provide our clients the ability to apply to and/or register for our programs.

Volunteering with us:
The volunteer website designer-builder can expect to work on this project in collaboration with our executive director, a volunteer marketing specialist, and other volunteers. We are tremendously grateful to the talented professionals who donate their time and expertise to our organization, and we are confident the right individual will find this project personally rewarding. As an all-volunteer organization, we hold ourselves and our partners to the same high standards of integrity, timeliness and follow-through as we would expect of paid employees and consultants.


The ideal candidate will be a strong visual and UX designer, and should have the technical ability to seamlessly integrate video, subscription and secure-donation forms, e-commerce, and other third-party tools and widgets as appropriate. We welcome candidates who can can provide additional expertise and guidance on this project. Most importantly, we are seeking someone who truly understands and shares our dedication to encouraging, inspiring, and empowering women facing adversity.

How to apply:
Please send your resume and portfolio to volunteers@courageouswomen.org, along with a note explaining:
1.      Your interest in Courageous Women Association
2.      Your qualifications and any details on how you would approach this project
3.      Your availability and any other information we should know