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Video Producer / Editor

Vedika Global / Acharya Shunya
Video Production
Local (Bay Area)
May 31

Video Producer / Editor to take lead role in ongoing weekly class recording.

On Location in Castro Valley / Hayward.

You will be in charge of managing all videos produced for public and paid classes.  Most classes are recorded in advance, some are streamed live, so some experience with streaming is helpful, though primary focus is on record and edit. 
Platform is VMIX (Windows), experience is not required, but proficiency in PC is a must.  Some experience of MAC is highly recommended.   

Videos are simple:  1 camera, 1 slide stream.  1 audio steam

You will schedule, setup, record, edit, and post (cloud) weekly videos.  Each class is aproximately 2 hours in length, recording sessions will record 2 classes each day, so expect a full day.  (though half days are optional depending on schedule and availability). 

You will be the lead charge of all videos produced, ensuring format and high quality for all content.  You will also manage and/or hire any additional persons required to meet schedule requirements. 

Shorter recording sessions are also planned each week (10-30min), will be scheduled based on availability.  Your proximity to Castro Valley is a determining factor in ease of scheduling shorter sessions.

All equipment is available, so no gear is required from you.   Using your own gear is optional, though quality and format must be maintained. 

Weekly sessions are flexible but generally Thursdays, 10am-4pm.  This is negotiable based on availability. 

Recorded video will be edited to include title and credit slides, and minimal edits if production errors require (i.e. insertion of image or slide, audio de-noise, etc). 

Using VMIX as the live video mixer, the recorded content is as close to 'done' as possible, so edit time should be minimal.   


- Weekly video production, 1 day per week, 2 videos + editing
- operate DSLR camera with HDMI video output (optimize aperture, focus, color, exposure, etc)
- operate wireless audio headset mic, sound/level setup and check, and ensure highest quality audio possible
- schedule all sessions with teachers, and cover any time slots with people of your choice [we have some video producers that can fill in as well].
- Document the video process so you can train others in your absence
- work with talent to review and final edit any title/credit slides, or other fixed setup of set (lighting, colors, etc)
- recommend additional gear to be purchased as needed (or purchase and provide yourself)
- review and ensure high quality and standard format final video product
- upload final video to cloud server


- VMIX video switcher/recorder software
- PC proficient, basic Mac experience
- DSLR video camera
- wireless headset mic
- 3 years experience in video production