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Assistant Colorist

Mission Film & Design, Inc.

MFD Logo (Mission Film & Design – an artist-owned video finishing studio in San Francisco California)


174 14th ST
2nd FL
San Francisco, CA 94103

Video Editing
Local (Bay Area)
March 31

The Assistant Colorist plays a vital role in our post-production pipeline and project workflow. Responsible for color session prep, the Assistant Colorist has a hand in literally every color session that goes through the studio. Best suited for applicants interested in becoming a professional colorist, and a great opportunity to work with veteran colorists in the industry to develop a sharp skill set and honed eye for color grading and film finishing.


color session prep, asset management, client review postings, project archiving, occasional website updates, and consulting clients with prep related troubleshooting and guidance.

  • BA or equivalent 
  • Strong MacOS experience
  • Strong Knowledge of video codecs and formats
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Adobe Creative Suite