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Photoshop: Intermediate

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Adobe Photoshop is one of the most common programs used in graphic and web design, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area. Want to become more marketable in your image manipulation and correction skills? Take BAVC’s Photoshop: Intermediate course to build upon skills you developed during BAVC’s Photoshop: Introduction course. With BAVC’s expert instructors, you will learn more advanced Adobe Photoshop skills to retouch and cleanup digital images. Conveniently located at BAVC’s headquarters in San Francisco, this class will help you to understand masks, layer styles and targeting images for specific media.

Topics include:

  • Using non-destructive image editing
  • Layer styles and blending modes
  • Vector shape techniques
  • Advanced tool use with brushes settings
  • Advanced layer masking techniques
  • Custom styles, swatches, brushes, and gradients
  • File formats and saving in different formats for web/mobile/print/video
  • Importing and manipulating Adobe Illustrator graphics
  • Smart objects
  • Replacing and changing color

San Francisco Photoshop Training: Intermediate

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most common programs used in graphic and web design. Students come to BAVC’s San Francisco Adobe Photoshop training to learn how to customize images for web publication, prepress, blending shapes and colors. Whether you live in San Francisco or live elsewhere in the Bay Area, our Photoshop Intermediate design courses will get you started on a profitable career path!