Learn to produce your own video content

From personal projects to sports events to movie making to advertising messaging, video has found its way to the top of the mountain. Because technology is constantly evolving, it’s essential to bone up on the latest gear and learn how to shoot creative footage–even if you’re using a smartphone out in the field. This Certificate will help you learn skills you can apply towards becoming a professional videographer, director of photography (DP), crew member, producer or associate producer. You can freelance or land a job at an ad agency, nonprofit or boutique content studio, where video is used to move the messaging. People who do well in video production have seemingly tireless energy, enjoy collaboration, and are natural storytellers. Brush up on skills in pre-production, production and postproduction and learn how to make a portfolio that stands out in the job market. Includes BAVC Media membership for one year.

$3,600.00 | 104 hours total