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Capture Now! (in QCTools)

Posted on: Monday, February 23 2015

By Lauren O'Connor, Preservation Resources Fellow
If you’ve digitized magnetic videotape, perhaps you’ve experienced the following situation:
You just purchased an expensive new computer with all the bells and whistles, including professional capture software. You soon discover that your out-of-the-box capture software doesn’t, however, meet preservation standards. As a result, you fall back on old standbys, only to discover that old software doesn’t play nicely with new hardware. Now you don’t know where to turn.
Here’s another ,not uncommon scenario: 


Read now: BAVC Preservation on Jerome Caja's home videos

Posted on: Monday, February 09 2015

By Matt Sussman, Communications Manager

Pop over to our Preservation program's Tumblr to read BAVC Preservation Fellow Lauren O’Connor's eloquent post about the significance gleaned from preserving the intimate home recordings of the late, great San Francisco visual artist, performer, and drag queen Jerome Caja. 

O'Connor writes:

Reflecting on the Preservation Access Program’s First Year

Posted on: Wednesday, June 11 2014

By Moriah Ulinskas, Preservationist

In the Spring of 2013 BAVC launched the Preservation Access Program, a program funded by the National Endowment for the Arts.  The goal of this program is to connect individual artists and small to medium-sized arts and culture organizations to resources for audiovisual preservation planning and to subsidize (by as much as 70%) the cost of preservation migration (digitization) for participants accepted into the program.

Appreciating Ruth Page, Pioneer of American Dance

Posted on: Friday, February 28 2014

By Texas Starr, Preservation Digitization Technician
BAVC’s Preservation Department is honored to be working in conjunction with Chicago Film Archives to preserve original interviews and performances of and about the prolific dancer and choreographer Ruth Page. You can read more about the collaboration and learn more about some of the recordings being preserved here.

AV Artifact Atlas: By the People, For the People

Posted on: Wednesday, January 22 2014

Preserving Shirley Clarke: BAVC’s Preservation Access Program

Posted on: Tuesday, January 07 2014

By Jackie Clay, Preservation Intern
In the Spring of 2013 BAVC’s Preservation Department launched the Preservation Access Program, an National Endowment for the Arts-funded initiative that subsidizes the preservation and transfer needs of small institutions and individual artists. It is the latter group that is a unique position to be served by this project: many video artists of the late 1960s and 1970s have as-yet-unevaluated work in early video formats and have yet to find archives to take on their collections.

Restoring Ant Farm

Posted on: Friday, December 20 2013

By Moriah Ulinskas, Preservation Program Director

Recap: National Digital Stewardship Alliance Conference '13

Posted on: Tuesday, August 06 2013

By Lauren Sorensen, Preservation Project Manager

From July 23-25, 2013, BAVC's Preservation program was in Alexandria, Virginia for the National Digital Stewardship Alliance's annual convening. I was pleased to present a poster, co-authored with Dave Rice (who is teaching an exciting digital preservation workshop this month at BAVC - details below), about frame checksums and their usefulness for audiovisual preservation and fixity and best good practices in digitization workflow. Below is a smaller version of the poster; readers who would like a full-size copy can email laurens [at] bavc [dot] org.

Lost Treasures: Introducing Blue Tape

Posted on: Wednesday, July 10 2013

By Dodie Bellamy, Author and Adjunct Professor of Writing, California College for the Arts

From the Preservation Suite: Larry Rivers at '75-'76 NYC Gay Pride

Posted on: Tuesday, June 25 2013

By Moriah Ulinskas, Director of Preservation

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