How did you first hear about BAVC Media?  

I heard about BAVC Media searching through the Workforce Initiative Act’s education providers list. The WIA funded my tuition toward a Video Production Certification.

Tell us your BAVC Media story. 

I started at BAVC Media in January 2015 and completed the course September 2016. I attended BAVC Media to fill in the gaps of my video production skill set. I wanted to go more in depth with industry professionals and have the time to ask questions about processes and equipment. I really enjoyed a lot of the teachers of the courses, and networking with other students was helpful and interesting. The campus is beautiful and in a great location, and has many events to choose from to learn further and continue to network. The portfolio process was helpful and motivating.

Why do you think others should get involved at BAVC Media?  

Others should get involved at BAVC Media to learn more about how they can be creators, expressing themselves and their communities with media, and become media literate critical thinkers.

What program were involved with at BAVC Media?   

Certificate Student


Some of Lauren’s work:

Encuentro Restaurant Marketing Video for BAVC Media Portfolio Piece #1

Reel created for BAVC Media Portfolio Piece #2