I am the Executive Director of NOVAC (New Orleans Video Access Center), a media arts non-profit that serves the cities of New Orleans and Baton Rouge in Louisiana.  Under my term as leader, the preservation of our 43 year archive has become an organization priority. Given the wholesale destruction of creative assets that happened to many as a result of Hurricane Katrina, NOVAC considers itself really lucky that our video archive was stored on the 4th floor of the University of New Orleans during the flood.  We took back the tape assets in 2008, and ever since then have been working to preserve our most vulnerable tapes.  To date, BAVC Media has preserved 28 hours of open reel 1″ and 1/2″ footage for NOVAC — some of our earliest creations — and has kickstarted our own internal preservation program. BAVC Media is an amazing resource and their Preservation team is a constant source of counsel, practical advice and support.

Selected projects

You can view the ever-evolving collection of NOVAC’s archival video here.