BAVC Productions

Video production services from a visionary non-profit that has been supporting local and community storytellers for nearly 40 years.  

BAVC Productions produces high-quality videos and multimedia content to meet the needs of local and national businesses and nonprofit organizations. For 38 years, BAVC has served as a community hub and resource for media makers in the Bay Area and across the country.  We provide clients with an experience that foregrounds their needs and their content, while drawing from our decades-long fluency in visually-driven new media storytelling.
BAVC Productions projects range in scope and style, and our involvement varies with each project: from providing tech support for established media professionals, to sharing storytelling feedback and guidance for organizations new to filmmaking workflows. Past projects include motion graphic data visualization videos, in-depth documentary profiles, Kickstarter videos, and event videography. 
Questions about BAVC Productions can be directed by Andy Kawanami at andy(at)bavc(dot)org

Our Services:

We now offer the opportunity to livestream any event - whether it be a public reading, a panel discussion, a theatrical performance - with single- or multiple-camera coverage. Past clients include SOMArts and Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts.
We can document live events and either deliver the raw media or edit the content into a polished video. Past clients include Stanford Live and Other Minds. 
BAVC’s legacy as a cutting-edge site for new media training has made us particularly well-suited for clients who are trying to find the right tools and/or platform for sharing their stories. Past clients include the national Beyond Bullying multi-platform story project.
We can support organizations interested in collecting audio/video stories of their constituents - whether it be through an on-site “storytelling booth” or use of BAVC’s studio.  Past clients include researchers from San Francisco State University and Columbia University.
Our most commons service is to create a 3-4 minute profile of an organization through interviews with staff and videography of the organizations day-to-day operations. Past clients include Pathbrite and the Oakland Youth-Friendly Business Awards.
Work sample: Spark Opportunity Challenge

Work sample: Oakland Youth-Friendly Business Awards