Mwende Says: Join the BAVC Infographic Hall of Fame

Posted on: Wednesday, August 15 2012

by Mwende Hahesy, Training Strategist

If you’re a book editor, Pinterest geek, or infographic lover, you’ve probably stumbled upon the fun flowchart below. 
Well wouldn’t you know, BAVC Web Design Certificate alumnus Sarah Edelstein made it!  While training in our program, she mastered the Adobe Creative Suite and used her newly honed Photoshop and Illustrator skills to make the chart. 

Wanna be web-famous from your witty infographics?  We can’t teach you how to be funny, but in our certificate program we can train you in the latest design software and help you craft an professional portfolio!  Check out all the perks of our certificate program here. Unemployed and can’t pay out of pocket for the training?  You may be eligible to get funding through WIA benefits to participate in our program. 

Fill out our Certificate Application here for more information.