Digital Pathways: Audio

The Digital Pathways: Audio Engineering track introduces students to the world of digital audio. The first half of the program focuses on software-based music composition and production. Working with Propellerhead’s Reason software, students become proficient in beat programming, MIDI sequencing, and song arrangement. In addition to the technical side of music production, students are introduced to fundamental music theory concepts, including scales, chord structure, and basic keyboarding. The second half of the class focuses on audio engineering. Working with the industry-standard Pro Tools software platform, students learn to record, edit and mix audio for a range of projects. After becoming familiar with the Pro Tools interface and the hardware equipment, students run recording sessions in BAVC’s Digital Audio Suite, where they apply their skills as engineers to create professional-quality recordings. In addition to music-based applications, students learn to work in the area of audio post-production, creating and mixing sound for video. Class instruction includes field trips and guest speakers to provide students with an appreciation of the breadth of the professional audio industry.

This year's Digital Pathways: Audio instructor is Ian Davis. His curriculum/teaching blog is: