Digital Pathways: 3D Animation & Gaming

BAVC's Digital Pathways: 3D Gaming and Animation program focuses on gaming technologies and is comprised of curricula in 3D animation modeling, user interface design, and gaming software. A good understanding of surfaces and 3D, and the ways in which a computer deals with geometry,  helps students to create complex data efficiently with a strong understanding of these technology principals. Software such as Unity and Cinema 4D is used to create a series of exercises that allow students to explore and illustrate animation principles as well as posing, staging, exaggeration, facial animation, and acting to make characters expressive, emotive and alive. Classes in the past have included guest lecturers from Game Designers, Production Artists, etc. as well as field trips to game companies.

This year's Digital Pathways: 3D Gaming and Animation instructor is Sirron Norris.  Check out his teaching blog ( and the class Tumblr page (