With funding from the California Endowment, the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) successfully produced a three-day bootcamp to train Bay Area youth to be effective communicators, with a focus on community health and violence. The bootcamp provided an opportunity for youth to connect media and news literacy with message framing and content creation for rapid deployment and social change. Thirteen youth from around the Bay Area made audio, video or photo/blog pieces about health and violence issues facing their communities.

Participants were affiliated with the following organizations: BAVC, East Bay Asian Youth Center, Homies Empowerment, New American Media, Richmond Pulse, Youth Radio and Youth UpRising. A total of eleven media pieces were produced by thirteen youth over the three days of the bootcamp (Note: Five students collaborated on the production of three video projects). In addition to learning media production and journalism skills, students gained an understanding of the news cycle and developed important media literacy skills such as how to craft effective pitches for different types of media outlets. 

The bootcamp took place at BAVC's facility in San Francisco on Friday, April 13th through Sunday, April 15th and included the following speakers and media mentors:

Community Violence Presentation: Danielle Killian

News Journalism and Media Panel: Joshua Johnson, KQED News; Martin Reynolds, Oakland Tribune; Robert Rogers, Richmond Chronicle; Mary Lou Fulton, California Endowment (moderator)

Pitch Mentors: Brooke Minter, Current TV; Casey Miner, KALX

Audio Team: Chris Runde, BAVC; Julieta Kusnir, Berkeley Media Studies Group

Video Team: Paulo Presotto, Youth UpRising; Karwanna Dyson, BAVC

Photo/Blog Team: Ian Davis, BAVC; Dannie Holzer, SF State

Facilitator: Ingrid Dahl, BAVC

Students conceived, produced, edited, and made deployment plans for the following projects:

Video Projects

  • Public service announcement on California allocating more funds to the prison system than the educational system for SF Commons (BAVC’s public access station), Current TV, KQED’s website
  • Report on life chances in East Oakland vs. Marin, gaps in resources, poverty as a form of violence for YouTube ads, MTV, any outlet where commercials are aired
  • Commentary on the prevalent attitude among East Oakland youth that they will not live past 25 for television and online channels that air music videos

Watch Education vs. Incarceration here >

Watch YOLO here >

Watch Fight the Blight here >

Watch Food Deserts here >

Photo/Blog Projects

  • Photo slideshow on food desserts and agricultural development via community gardens as a solution to community health issues in Richmond, for KQED’s website and other online news outlets
  • Blog post on the health effects and availability of soda, particularly the close proximity of soda vendors to schools in Richmond, for Richmond Pulse and Richmond Confidential
  • Photo blog post comparing food desserts and affluent neighborhoods, focusing on lack of nutritional resources in the Tenderloin in San Francisco, digital billboards on public transit
  • Blog post profile of an individual affected by gentrification in the East Bay with an emphasis on gentrification shifting the location of social/economic problems, for online distribution

Read Gentrification of West Oakland by Sean Shavers Here

Read The Richmond Soda Tax by Iraida Santillan Here

Read Community Agriculture by Michael Jones Here

Audio Projects

  • Public Service Announcement on sexual exploitation in East Oakland, for radio (KQED, KALX) and online distribution
  • Report the lack of personal and professional successes in urban neighborhoods, a call to action to be distributed on public radio
  • Commentary in support of Richmond street artists who have been left out of public art initiatives in the community for KPFA’s morning mix radio program in the Richmond News section
  • Spoken word piece on the link between the lack of male role models and community violence in East Oakland for popular Oakland hip-hop radio stations
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Audio Player: 
Listen to Brandon Robbins' Commentary Here
Listen to Buffy Almendares' PSA Here
Listen to Edgardo Cervansoto's Graffiti Here