Two Factory Films Screening at Paley Center

Posted on: Tuesday, October 04 2011

Two recently-completed films from NextGen’s Factory filmmaking program are about to make their theatrical debut in the Big Apple!

Creative Growth and History in These Streets, screening at the Paley Center’s 2011 DocFest as part of the Docu-Jam youth documentary showcase, were both produced over the summer as part of The Factory’s Community Filmmaking Partnership (CFP) program. “CFPs” are a collaboration between the youth filmmakers in BAVC’s Factory filmmaking program and socially-conscious Bay Area organizations that would benefit from some form of media documentation – a documentary, a public service announcement, a portrait piece, etc. Teams of youth filmmakers collaborate with these organizations to create films to advance their cause.

History in These Streets was created to bring attention to the Black Panther Legacy Tour of West Oakland, a four-hour door-to-door history lesson, conducted by former Black Panther Chief of Staff, and co-founder of the Huey P. Newton Foundation, David Hilliard. The tour stops at crucial locations in the Black Panthers’ history and highlights the role that the political party played in fighting for basic civil rights of the African-American community in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Patrick Manning, Brian Birchett and Nick Liem decided to create a film that drew attention to these sites while also acknowledging the responsibilities of this generation’s young people to continue the Black panthers’ struggle for Civil Rights.

Creative Growth was made in partnership with the Creative Growth artists studio in Oakland, California. It is the first art gallery in the country created specifically for artists with disabilities. Creative Growth primarily serves adults, but over the summer they offer a program specifically for teenaged artists. Three Factory filmmakers – Julian Compagni-Portis, Stephanie Hoang, and Matt Zabb-Parmley – created a film that emphasized the creativity that can thrive in the “safe space” Creative Growth fosters with their positive reinforcement. Julian, now a freshman at Wesleyan University, will be traveling to New York to participate in a Q&A after the screening.

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