Startup Weekend Transmedia

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Fri, 02/01/2013 (All day) - Sun, 02/03/2013 (All day)

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Ever wondered what Don Draper does when the episode is over? Most likely, he goes home, gets some sleep, goes back to work, drinks whisky... Until the next episode. But we'll never know for sure unless there is some way for us, as an audience, to access the Mad Men storyworld outside of the TV screen. 
Imagine if you could extend a story beyond the TV screen or the pages of a book... Well, that's transmedia right there. Startup Weekend Transmedia is a new kind of Startup Weekend, at the crossroads of storytelling and technology. Instead of building startups, we build prototypes of cross-platform stories and experiences. Come craft richer stories with us!
— Trans…What? —
Transmedia is a storytelling technique that consists in building a multi-platform brand or story, by designing universe that unfolds across multiple mediums. Each platform or medium tells a standalone narrative, but all are coordinated to serve the same consistent storyworld. The purpose of transmedia is to create immersive and (most of the time) interactive experiences, through the alliance of storytelling and technology.
— No talk, all action! —
With Startup Weekend Transmedia, we are bringing the tech culture of collaboration, hacking and prototyping to the creative and media industries. We’ll be using transmedia techniques, storytelling tools, production software, new media platforms and open source content to build multi-platform stories and immersive experiences.
— The Challenge: leverage transmedia for urban innovation —
“The City”
At Startup Weekend Transmedia, participants will team up to create a transmedia project illustrating the topic “The City”. From fiction to non-fiction, documentaries, games, ARGs, theater pieces, films, treasure hunts, all genres are welcome!
— Requirements —
Multiple platforms
Projects have to unfold across a minimum of 3 different media platforms or mediums. One of these platforms supporting the story has to be a physical interface or object of the City. Look around you, be creative! Sidewalks, buildings, billboards, bus stops, cabs, storefronts, shop windows, all the cement, glass, those display screens and human beings – all are potential surfaces and interfaces to enter a story, interact with a fictional universe, create an immersive experience. In other words, hack the City, have fun!
Social benefit
Projects must have a social benefit or impact for the City of San Francisco. Whether you’d like to raise awareness about child obesity, document the life of your favorite neighborhood or design a giant game around town, you have to leverage transmedia techniques to innovate and disrupt your city!
— You’ve got help! —
Participants will be given access to a Transmedia Toolbox featuring cutting edge tools, software and media platforms they are encouraged to use to develop their projects.
Skilled mentors will be available to provide teams with advice throughout the event.
— And the winner is… —
The judging criteria include
1. The story/the experience         Is it compelling? 
2. Functioning prototype            What can you show us?
3. Business pitch                           Is it sustainable?
— Who can join? —
From creatives to technologists, all talents are welcome!
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