TechSF Training Tracks


TechSF is a workforce development program that offers a variety of services to eligible job seekers, including: career assessment; job readiness workshops; as well as advanced technical training. This page outlines upcoming training opportunities available to you through TechSF, which you may qualify for depending on your income and employment status.
Enrollment in training is competitive, and decided based on an applicant's assets in the following areas: definition of goals, job search strategy, and technical skill set. It is highly recommended that applicants take advantage of TechSF workshops and services through Gig Union to sharpen your job readiness materials. 
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BAVC Certificate Programs

Fast Tracks Certificates

Fast Track certificates take one-two months to complete. They are composed of BAVC classes, and potentially customizable. Enrollment is rolling, you pick the start date. Great for targeting specific skill sets, but short and fast-paced. No hand holding. All BAVC certificates require you to have a portfolio. Find more information by visting
Experiential Design 
  • 16 hrs Elements of Experience Design
  • 8 hrs Responsive Design
  • 8 hrs Wireframing and Diagramming 
  • 8 hrs Principles of Human Centered Design 
  • Portfolio Development Series (4 classes)
Motion Graphic Design 
  • 16 hrs Adobe After Effects: Introduction
  • 16 hrs Adobe After Effects: Intermediate
  • 16 hrs Motion Graphic Design: Introduction
  • Portfolio Development Series (4 classes)
Advanced Motion Graphic Design 
  • 16 hrs Motion Graphic Design: Workflow
  • 16 hrs Motion Graphic Design: Intermediate
  • 2 8-hr sections of advanced After Effects
  • Portfolio Development Series (4 classes)
Web Design 
  • 16 hrs Graphic & Web Design: Introduction
  • 16 hrs HTML/CSS: Introduction OR Intermediate
  • 16 hrs Web Design: Workflow
  • Portfolio Development Series (4 classes)
Coding For Non-Coders 

Fuse Certificates

Composed of BAVC classes, Fuse Certificates are approximately 148 hours of training and require four-six months to complete. Enrollment is rolling, your schedule is customizable, and you pick the start date of your training. All BAVC certificates require you to have a portfolioFind more information by visting
Web Design: Experiential Design (UX) Certificate 
  • Description: Integral to the work of every visual or web designer job position, learn how to design for the user's experience. Emphasis includes classes in responsive design, wireframing, prototyping and personas, web design workflow, creating a UX portfolio and whole lot more.
Web & Graphic Design Certificate 
  • Description: Develop a solid understanding of Adobe's Creative Suite design tools, basic open-source coding, HTML, CCS, and troubleshooting cross-browser issues. Includes customizable elective courses and portfolio development classes.
Web Development Certificate
  • This curriculum focuses more on how a web site works, not the graphic elements. It's typically referred to as Front End Web Development. Choose this Certificate if the left half of your brain is typically your best side. You'll need less design chops but you'll need a never-ending love for details. We recommend this Certificate to people who have some basic design skills but who will be even more marketable because they enjoy the coding side, as well.
Motion Graphics Certificate
  • Description: A motion graphics artist uses conceptual skills and technical expertise to transform moving images for video or web, a game platform, mobile device or an interactive kiosk. Sometimes referred to as animation.


City College of San Francisco Certificates

One-two semesters in length, these trainings are great starting place for anyone eager to break into Tech Industry. They will provide excellent educational foundation for beginner Web Developers and Computer Technicians. 

Web Application Programming (WAP)

Take classes in Computer Science. You will select your schedule from the list below, based on your skill level and interests. This is not a TechSF cohort; you will be enrolled in general CCSF classes with guidance and support from TechSF. 
Prerequisites: You must pass a programming aptitude assessment with 70% or better in order to be eligible. 
  • CS 160A Linux
  • CS 155A MySQL
  • CNIT 132 HTML
  • CS 130A PHP
  • CS 132A Ruby
  • CS 111A Java
  • CS 111B Java
  • CNIT 133 JavaScript
  • CS 195 Web Practicum
  • CS 232 Ruby on Rails
  • CS 211E Java Enterprise
  • CS 131A Python

Tech Support/A+ Certification 

This certificate takes one semester to complete and is cohort based. Classes are held at the CCSF Mission Campus. The A+ certification exam will be proctored for you at the end of the semester. Paid internship included, in addition to job placement support provided by TechSF. See more on the certification here:
Prerequisites: you must pass an IT/HelpDesk assessment with 70% or better
Spring 2015
  • CNIT 100 Intro to computer hardware & application
  • CNIT 103L Trouble shooting, desktop support
  • CNIT 103 Trouble shooting, desktop support
  • CNIT 104 Operating systems
  • CNIT 105 Troubleshooting
  • CNIT 197 Paid Internship
  • Test Prep


TechSF Bootcamps

TechSF Bootcamps take six to nine weeks to complete. They are cohort-based, meaning you will be with the same class and instructor throughout the entire course. Intensive and fast-paced, these trainings are oriented towards professionals with prior experience relevant to the training. 

BAVC Bootcamps

 Motion Graphics 
Length of Time: 72 hours of training
Start and End Dates:  March 2nd - April 9th 2015 (Mon-Thurs 10am-2pm) 
Prerequisites: Proficiency in Photoshop; demonstrable editing experience using Final Cut Pro or Premeire Pro a plus; portfolio review.
Description: A motion graphics artist uses conceptual skills and technical expertise to transform moving images for video or web, a game platform, mobile device or an interactive kiosk. You might be building demos, compositing backgrounds, creating effects, making banner ads, adding credits to a movie or animating avatars. Develop your aesthetic skills along with learning how to add interactive elements, manipulate typography, and sequence keyframes in a timeline to visually tell a story.

Academy X Bootcamps

 Project Management 
Length of Time: 8 weeks
Start and End Dates:  March 2nd - April 22nd 2015 (Mon/Wed 6pm-9pm) 
Prerequisites: a secondary or four-year degree; demonstrable project management experience 
Description:  Project Managers tie project results to business goals. This training prepares students for the industry standard “Project Management Professional” (PMP) certification exam from the Project Management Institute. The majority of the training will focus on project management theory: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and closing projects. Additional topics include overviews of current methodologies and intros to alternatives to traditional project management: Agile project management, online tools such as Workday, and cross-platform software such as Fasttrack Schedule 10. Students will be offered additional elective classes in using Excel, Outlook, and Microsoft Project software to fill any gaps in their knowledge. Training for students lacking the 4500 hours of project management experience required for the PMP exam will target the Certified Associate Project Manager (CAPM) exam. Also included are career assessments, workshops, and counseling. 
 Web Dev: Ruby on Rails 
Length of Time: 12 weeks (50 evenings)
Start and End Dates:  Feb 2nd- April 23rd 2015 (Mon-Thurs, 6pm-9pm + three Friday labs)
Prerequisites: skilled in HTML and programming (PHP, Java, Javascript, Assembly, or older language like COBOL) 
Description: This training targets the components of modern Web Development, including Ruby on Rails, Javascript & jQuery, Git and Github, Mongo DB, Amazon Cloud Computing. Students will work in concert on a class project (using version control with Github) as well as on their own individual projects. At the end of the course students should be able to set up a professional-grade, scalable web site using all these technologies. Prior programming experience in another language (e.g., JavaScript, PHP, Perl, C, etc.) is strongly recommended.