Training for Youth


If you are 14-17 years old and you're interested in enrolling in one of our adult classes listed in our regular course catalog, please email

to determine if you are at the skill level necessary to participate in the class. We're happy to talk with parents, too!

Because we're committed to young folks receiving professional training, these classes are offered to 14-17 year olds at 40% off the regular class price.

For young people who can not afford to pay for training, BAVC also offers free training through our Next Generation youth Programs, including:

BUMP RECORDS: Bay Unity Music Project (BUMP) Records is an after-school music performance and production program for Bay Area youth ages 14-19.

THE FACTORY: BAVC's after-school advanced video production collective for motivated, Bay Area youth, ages 15-19.

DIGITAL PATHWAYS: Digital Pathways is an intensive, after-school media training program for young people who want to learn skills to advance their potential for careers in technology and the media arts. Students choose from 4 tracks -  video, audio, 3D gaming & animation, or open source - and participate in intensive training that leads to a portfolio of projects, and paid internships in their chosen field.