Training for Youth


If you are 14-17 years old and you're interested in enrolling in one of our adult classes listed in our regular course catalog, please email to determine if you are at the skill level necessary to participate in the class. We're happy to talk with parents too!

Because we're committed to youth receiving professional training, these classes are offered to 14-17 year olds at 40% off the regular class price.

For young people who are interested in working with their peers throughout the school-year, BAVC also offers free classes in our Next Gen Programs.

Next Gen offers flexible pathways for young people from diverse neighborhoods across the Bay Area to increase their storytelling, social justice and media arts skills. Participants are encouraged to develop their artistic talents while receiving advanced, industry-standard training in digital media production including audio, video, and game design. Ultimately, our goal is to help young adults gain experience and opportunities that lead to media arts careers, entrepreneurship and post-secondary pathways.

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