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Build Your Portfolio

Employers tell us the portfolio is not only a must, but that it is the single most determining factor in whether a candidate gets interviewed or not.

Experiential Design

Learn how to use practical User Experience tools to build better web sites and applications.

Career Workshops

Put your best foot forward by learning from industry pros.

Video and Audio Production

Learn to shoot, edit and work with digital video and capture and edit digital audio.

Web Design and Development

Learn the tools to create, design and develop effective websites and web apps.

Training for Teachers

World-class, discounted training program that enables teachers to incorporate the use of the digital applications into the classroom.

Video and Audio Postproduction

Learn to edit video and audio on the industry's top software platforms.


Learn to code or how to interface with coders.

Motion Graphics and Effects

Learn to animate text, graphics, photos and creatures. Like a pro.

SF Commons Classes

Certification classes for Public Access television producers in San Francisco.