Success Story: Ricky


"BAVC gave me advanced knowledge and the ability to build up my versatility in audio production. The stuff I loved learning about is every aspect of audio production such as making sounds, audio mixing, compressing, etc."

At the suggestion of one of his teachers, Ricky joined BAVC's Digital Pathways - Audio program during his senior year at Balboa High School. Balboa is located in the working-class, and historically violence-plagued, Mission Terrace neighborhood of San Francisco.  Through a partnership with the school, BAVC delivers its Digital Pathways audio curriculum during school hours as part of Balboa's CAST (Communication Arts) Program.

Passionate about hip-hop music, Ricky lists among his creative influences Timbaland, Just Blaze, and Dr. Dre. As part of Digital Pathways, Ricky learned digital audio production using industry-standard tools Reason and Pro-Tools. He was also placed into an internship at the completion of his training. 

Ricky has said of BAVC, "I can and can't imagine where I would be without BAVC.  It was difficult for me to find a career idea before all of this music experience, because I felt like I wasn't ready. Now, I believe it's time I have to act on what I can do and take advantage of it when I have the chance."

The BAVC staff was so impressed with Ricky, that we asked him to return to his alma matter in a new role after graduation. He returned in 2008 as the Teaching Assistant for the next Digital Pathways class. Ricky would say of his decision, "I wanted to spread knowledge to those who are interested in music . . . So far, it's been good. Being able to spread knowledge is much better than keeping it to myself because I know there are at least a few students in the school that are real interested in making 'slaps' [translation = Bay Area term for those hard-hitting beats]."

When he is not serving as the TA of the Digital Pathways class at Balboa, Ricky is taking classes at San Francisco State University, where he is majoring in BECA [Broadcasting and Electronic Communication Arts] with hopes of working professional in audio production.