Success Story: Jazmin

Jazmin originally came to BAVC as a sophomore from Fremont High School, where she learned about BAVC’s Next Generation Programs from one of her teachers. She commuted into San Francisco to participate in the advanced training offered through an after-school video program then called YouthLink (now Digital Pathways).

In 2006, Jazmin and Nick, a fellow Digital Pathways student, researched, produced, and directed "The Apollos," a six-minute documentary piece that chronicles Oakland Technical High School’s class of 1981, and their groundbreaking efforts to pass a bill in the California Legislature recognizing Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday as a state holiday.

Comprised of interviews with former Oakland Tech faculty and students, as well as historical documents and sound clips, "The Apollos" has won international recognition, screening in the Media That Matters festival (nationwide), the Urban Visionaries Youth Film Festival (New York), and the ATA Film and Video Festival (San Francisco). Most recently, the film was profiled in a story in the San Francisco Chronicle, and it received the SuAnne Big Crow Award from the National Education Association at their annual meeting in July 2008 (watch the video).

Watch The Apollos:

Additionally, Jazmin has been invited to attend and to speak as a panelist at several film festivals and media conferences; in October 2007, she traveled to Austin, Texas, to speak at the National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture (NAMAC)’s annual conference. There, she participated in a panel alongside adult producers and mediamakers entitled “The Frontier is Here,” as well as competing in the Youth Mafia’s 24-hour filmmaking challenge.

Jazmin continued her career as an artist and mediamaker through a series of externships at media production companies, and by working as a teaching assistant for Digital Pathways, where she assisted students with their pieces and provides valuable peer support and critiques. Jazmin is currently interested in pursing a degree in sociology or anthropology, and is enrolled in courses at the City College of San Francisco. She has also been commissioned by BAVC to make video portraits of other youth in our programs and was recently hired part time as BAVC's video instructor for The Factory and beginner audio.