Factory | Bridges

Win-Mon attends City College of San Francisco, works part-time in her parents' local pizza shop, is actively engaged in the Burmese community, and teaches Buddhist meditation to youth.

While learning filmmaking at BAVC's Factoryprogram in 2013, Win-Mon joined the Bay Area Youth Media Network’s youth advisory board “Y.FAB” and helped lead a national festival in San Francisco coined BAYMN FEST.

Win-Mon's filmmaking brings awareness to critical local and national issues. Her recent film, Miles to Go, focuses on the disparity of women in political office within the U.S. and won "Best High School Student Film" at the Gandhi Brigade Film Festival in Maryland. 

Win-Mon says, "I think filmmaking brings attention to the issues of our times. Films can capture the problems in society and bring those unheard of, unspoken or hidden issues to the surface and encourage independent thinking. I believe BAVC promotes innovation, advocacy and learning through films and media".

Watch Miles To Go here: