The Way We Get By

Project Director: Gita Pullapilly

The Way We Get By is an intimate story of three senior citizens in America as they struggle with growing old and rediscovering their reasons for living. Dedicating their lives to greeting almost 800,000 troops at a tiny airport in Maine, Bill Knight, Joan Gaudet, and Jerry Mundy find the strength to overcome their personal battles and demonstrate the meaning of community during a time of need. At the Institute, Gita and her team developed a dynamic and engaging multi-generational website, e-commerce and social networking tool to enable troops and the military families, veterans, and a broad community of visitors to participate in giving back to soldiers on their return stateside. Returning Home incorporates three key features –a breathtaking community-created digital quilt of stories of American soldiers, a collective virtual memorial to the fallen, and an e-commerce Care Package for soldiers returning home. The film will receive a national broadcast on Veterans Day 2009, and it is our hope that the Returning Home site will be live in time for the broadcast. Producer Gita Pullapilly is an award-winning television journalist and Fulbright Scholar whose stories have aired on CBS, CNN, and ABC.