Inside MoGraph Magic

Posted on: Tuesday, July 17 2012

By Ingrid Hu Dahl, Director of Next Gen programs

Last Friday concluded BAVC's first Motion Graphics Summer Camp, which drew seven Bay Area teens into BAVC's facilities for 7 hours a day for 5 consecutive days. For some, that may seem like a daunting proposition. Yet, despite the many hours logged in front of their Mac work stations, students stated that the single downside to the camp was that it wasn't long enough!

What accounts for such enthusiasm? Perhaps it's because teens don't typically get a chance to develop Motion Graphics skills. Teens live in an image-saturated world and some are understandably hungry to create their own expressions and stories in the format they see. These skills are also in demand within the tech, media, film and design sectors. As two campers explained, they had access to Motion Graphics software but had no one to show them how to navigate palettes, tools or explore its potential.

BAVC's MoGraph camp was taught by Corey Redfield, a fantastic Motion Graphic Design instructor at Ex'pression College for the Digital Arts (who previously worked as an animator/designer in advertising for Proctor and Gamble). Corey and his seven campers dove right into the heart of Adobe After Effects, and within five days, students completed the following short portfolio pieces:

[Note: not all camper work is showcased]