Gig Union: The future is here.

Free resources for entrepreneurs, freelancers and contractors--finally.
Join Gig Union if you'd like to attend informative workshops, take advantage of networking opportunities and be connected with employers looking for contractors. Part of the TechSF initiative, Gig Union is an online/offline space for project-based workers to get help and get cracking. It's also a place for employers to peruse and hire from the Bay Area's finest freelancers. Meet Gig Union members Eric and Slyvie.
As part of Gig Union, you will hear from guest speakers about doing your taxes, invoicing clients, creating contracts and surviving the dry spells. But it's so much more than that. You can: 
  • Get information on your rights as a contract-based worker
  • Develop collaborations and learn to bid on jobs together
  • Participate in peer portfolio review sessions where you're given a chance to hear how others perceive your book, reel or portfolio 
  • Get connected to paid gigs
  • Learn how to transition from working for the man to working for yourself
  • Stop feeling so alone out there

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