ETP = No-Cost Training for CA Companies

Join employees from these companies, just a few of the organizations who currently train or have trained at BAVC over the last 3 years...

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ETP = Free Training for CA Companies


Some of you have trained at BAVC for years and some of you have just now heard about this awesome government program that allows you take BAVC training at no cost to you. In either case, we're ready to enroll you and your company!

BAVC has been providing industry-authorized training to employees at qualifying companies at no cost for the last fifteen years.  We've trained employees from a range of companies including: all the television broadcast stations, SF Chronicle, AQKA, Intel, Adobe, Safeway, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, HEAT, Couchsurfing, Pandora, Mother Jones, VIZ, Zendesk, Jamba Juice, Williams-Sonoma, Wells Fargo, Pixar, Ubisoft and LucasFilm, and hundreds of small boutique companies, among many others.

The Employment Training Panel (ETP) is a business- and labor-supported state agency that assists employers in strengthening their competitive edge by providing funds to offset the costs of job skills training necessary to maintain high-performance workplaces.

What does that mean? It means that, right now, employees at qualifying companies train at BAVC at no cost.  Companies are building a skilled workforce and increasing their competitive edge in our classrooms.

Current areas of training include:

  • Video Production
  • Video Post-Production
  • Experiential Design
  • Motion Graphics and Effects
  • Web and Graphic Design
Why train at BAVC?

BAVC has provided high-quality training to creative, media and high-tech professionals for more than 30 years. We offer training in technologies ranging from video broadcast and editing to web design, animation and production using the latest software. Additionally, in our state-of-the-art facility, BAVC provides industry-certified training from expert instructors on leading editing and design systems from Apple and Adobe.



Participating employees need to be on payroll full-time at 35 hours or more per week (independent contractors don't qualify, unfortunately) and make at least $16.25 per hour. Each employee must complete a minimum of 24 hours of training. They can take up to 160 hours each. Employees need to stay on payroll full-time for a minimum of 90 days after their last class.











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An Overview of ETP eligibility:
  • Participating employees must be on payroll as a full time 35 hour/week employee (unfortunately, independent contractors do not qualify)
  • Employees must be earning at least $16.25/hour
  • Employees must complete a minimum of 24 hours of training. They can take up to 160 hours each
  • Employees must remain on payroll full-time for a minimum of 90 days after their last class
Ready to see if your company qualifies?
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