Cory Doctorow on Creativity

Posted on: Thursday, June 28 2012

By Matt Sussman, BAVC Marketing & Development Associate

For anyone who cares about digital copyright issues, the fate of free speech online, science fiction, or is a regular reader of Boing Boing author, thinker and all-around polymath Cory Doctorow needs no introduction (and just in case you do, here's a good one).

We are lucky enough to have Mozilla help us arrange for Doctorow to deliver a 20 minute talk to students in our Summer Web Native Story Telling Camp via Youtube. Doctorow breaks down what it means to be creative in the digital age with a simple formula: coordination and possibility are "the secret engines of all human activity." Free tools such as the Internet help us coordinate and make more things possible, allowing us to better understand and activate our creative impulses -- which, in turn, is what our #StoryCamp is all about. Check it out: