Community Filmmaking Partnerships

Community Filmmaking Partnerships, or “CFPs”, are a collaboration between the youth filmmakers in BAVC’s Factory filmmaking program and socially-conscious Bay Area organizations that would benefit from some form of media documentation – a documentary, a public service announcement, a portrait piece, etc. Teams of filmmakers collaborate with these organizations to create films to advance their cause. Read the FAQ here >

Every summer The Factory produces 4-5 CFPs and, depending on the project, they occasionally take on projects during the school year. If your organization is in need to a video and if you think you’d be a good fit with our youth filmmaking team, feel free to contact Jason Jakaitis, The Factory Manager, at jasonj [at] bavc [dot] org.


“I am extremely pleased with the process and absolutely thrilled with the film produced as a result of our collaboration with The Factory. It is amazing that these youth filmmakers produced a film that is so sophisticated and has such a professional quality. We have wanted a film like this for many years and couldn’t be more excited to have it now."
– Patricia Williams, Hatlen Center for the Blind

Watch Independence in Sight here >

For our partnership with the Huey P. Newton Foundation, twelve youth from The Factory and BUMP Records took the Black Panther Legacy Tour of West Oakland with David Hilliard. The Factory filmmakers supplemented what they learned from Mr. Hillard with reading assignments from the Huey P. Newton reader and Hilliard’s biography, and then they developed a plan for a documentary project that would bring attention to sites in Oakland that were crucial in the Civil Rights movement but are sadly overlooked. They wrote, shot and edited the film in eight weeks. It’s called History in These Streets."
 -- Factory manager Jason Jakaitis

Watch History in These Streets here >

Past partners include:
City Slicker Farms
City College of San Francisco
Creative Growth
The Edible Schoolyard @ MLK Jr. Middle School
Hatlen Center for the Blind
Huey P. Newton Foundation
Mozilla Foundation
National Science Foundation
San Francisco Public Library
YMCA Truancy Assessment Referral Center
Youth Leadership Institute