Video Production Certificate

When it comes to video, most employers require that you are adept not only at producing video but at editing it. There's even a term, "Preditor," a hybrid of "Producer" + "Editor," which means you're going to be responsible for the whole enchilada. If you understand how to use video on the web, you're even more valuable. As a freelancer, you'll be able to sell your services more easily if you can offer several options to your clients. When you focus on this Certificate, you'll be developing your aesthetic skills along with learning how to communicate using HD video. You'll learn lighting, sound, editing, workflow, compression and output to web.

We recommend this Certificate to people who are filling in the gaps in their skillsets or to gain a solid understanding of video. In 2015 there are hundreds of jobs available to people who possess video chops in addition to other multimedia skills --jobs at start-ups, corporations, nonprofits, ad agencies, software companies, video production shops and boutique FX studios with salaries between $40K - $85K. People who do well in video production have tireless energy, enjoy collaboration and are natural storytellers.

Postions in this field include: Videographer, DP (Director of Photography), Video Shooter, Assistant DP, Preditor, Producer