Video Postproduction Certificate

What will set you apart from prosumer editors is expertise in software applications, workflow experience, speed and knowledge of how video works on different platforms. Another aspect that will put you heads above the crowd is if you can demonstrate motion graphics skills in conjunction with video chops.

This Certificate will focus on both the aesthetics and technical side of editing, effective storytelling, color correction, audio editing, output, compression, FX and motion graphics.  In the Bay Area in 2015 it's tough to get a job as an editor (many of those jobs are in LA, NYC and Vancouver, Canada) but knowing how to edit video along with having other skills can lead to a myriad of jobs at start-ups, internal communications at brick-and-mortar sites, nonprofits, ad agencies, software companies, video post houses and boutique FX studios with salaries between $40K - $100K. People who do well in video post are those who understand storytelling and who embrace new technologies.

Positions in the field include: Editor, Assistant Editor, Postproduction Supervisor, Preditor