Not-So-Newbie-Quiz: Carol Varney

Posted on: Wednesday, October 17 2012

To be honest, Carol Varney needs no introduction. In her five years at BAVC, she's worked as the Director of Development, Interim Executive Director, Managing Director, and now, we're proud to call her our new Executive Director. Basically, she's done it all -- except take the Newbie Quiz! Read on, while we go fetch our new fearless leader some "executive snacks."

1. The story of your life starts out with which 10 words?
You aren’t really our daughter but we love you anyway.
2. What's your astrological sign?
I should have known you would ask this question.
3. How do you take your coffee?
Double Americano.
4. Name two things you believe in.
Only two?
The personal is political.
Healthcare is a human right.
5. What's the last song/movie you paid money for?
Black Sheep - the Choice is Yours/Samsara
6. Who would play you in the BAVC movie and why?
Bea Arthur. I realize she is dead, but when I started working at BAVC she was alive (don’t read too much into that). She is (or was) tall and sassy. I aspire to be like her, so it is a casting aspiration. Except for the part where she is deceased.  
7. Most embarrassing job?
Almost no job is embarrassing. But I scooped ice cream for a famous ice cream company before Unilever bought it. It wasn’t embarrassing but I was often covered in ice cream. It's possible I was doing it wrong?
8. What snacks do you eat at the movies?
Popcorn with nutritional yeast.
9. What are you most likely to be doing at 9pm on a Thursday?
Running to pick up my CSA box before it gets taken away.
10. If you weren’t working at BAVC (and money was no object) what would you be doing?
Volunteering for my favorite organizations on a rotating basis.
11. What are you looking forward to most in your new job at BAVC?
Helping to implement the incredible Strategic Plan that was developed by an incredible team of staff over the last nine months.
That, and executive snacks. Those are a thing at BAVC, right?