I've worked at BAVC for 5 years and all you get is this blog.

Posted on: Monday, July 16 2012

This photo was taken in 2007 in the same spot in the BAVC office where I currently sit. I've sat in no less than six different places since then.

by Zoë Banks, Marketing Manager & sometime blog kingpin

The benefits of working for the oldest, baddest, nonprofity-est media arts training center in the country are manyfold. Aside from the obvious advantages of interfacing with the inspiring mediamakers who grace our halls every single day, as well as taking classes (literally, dozens) from a stable of insanely talented instructors, I get to do ridiculous unusual things and blog about them. In fact, this summer marks five years of doing exactly that.

From half-baked interviews with the likes of Sarah "Aloha" Soward, Sirron "I Eat Kids" Norris and Matt "Mr. San Francisco" Baume, a bad case of the giggles at Kink, stealing snacks at Mozilla, photog-ing BUMP concerts at the MOMA, reviewing pie theory with Angelo, making flu-addled video diaries in a NYC blizzard, comparing our own Ewen to Truman Capote (I still stand by that), high-fiving your invisible avatar with Anselm Hook to shooting shameless $25 video appeals, it's been a wild ride. In fact, the only thing that these seemingly unprofessional disparate happenings have in common is that these unique people and events are part of that unnameable something that makes BAVC what it is: a super special breeding ground for storytellers to make media.

This is a staged photo from earlier this year where I pretend to be "air traffic controlling" our broadcast channel, which is so laughably out of my depth I probably shouldn't even be posting this.

BAVC has changed my life in countless ways. I've had four job titles, learned all kinds of web design skillz, made a documentary and a bunch of amazing friends. I've watched BAVC go through two renovations, three facility integrations and three web site launches, big awards and accolades, leadership transitions and seen coworkers come and go and even come back. I've terrorized the headquarters of Pixar, Lucas, Safeway and Thrasher Magazine, eaten canapes at Ross Mirkarimi's City Hall holiday party and ordered $1400 of tamales from the Tamale Lady on Adobe's dime. Like I said, wild ride.

Holiday party 2009, immediately after sledgehammering a wall in the kitchen.

I am not alone in this. BAVC has changed countless people's lives over the past 35 years and a big part of my job as Marketing Manager is making sure their stories get shared with you too. If you've got one, shoot me an email: zoe[at]bavc[dot]org. I'll be here all week.