Freelance: Like a Boss

Posted on: Tuesday, January 15 2013

by Mwende Hahesy, BAVC Training Strategist

The creative media industry has always been fast paced and competitive.  The mentality used to be there are only so many gigs and too many people to fill them so you HAVE to be cut-throat and competitive.  But lately the freelance world has gone through seismic changes with the ideas of collaboration, co-working, and mutualism moving people to see the benefit in working together instead of in competition with each other.  This year, BAVC wants to bring Bay Area creative freelancers together to share resources, collaborate, and give feedback.  You know, building on that community stuff! 

BAVC's network is ripe with stellar media freelance professionals who'll be sharing their collective wisdom to all that will listen.  We're planning opportunities for other creatives to give you feedback on your portfolio (THE #1 way to show off your goods!). Interactive keynote presentations from freelancers on the top of their game will get the conversation flowing.  Ultimately, we're building out a creative freelance network cooperative so finding like minded people to work on projects with will be easier.

Stay tuned for event details in the coming weeks!