Adobe Youth Voices Training For Yearlong Youth Media Development

Adobe Youth Voices (AYV), the Adobe Foundation’s signature philanthropy program, aims to empower youth in underserved communities around the globe with real-world experiences and 21st century tools to create with confidence, communicate their ideas, exhibit their potential, and take action in their communities. 

Educators enhance their teaching strategies, gain new skills, and collaborate with like-minded educators and youth media experts to enable young people to express themselves using digital tools and to create media with a personally meaningful purpose. Educators from participating sites join a global network and exhibit and share youth-created media projects, including videos, photography, documentaries, photojournalism, animations, websites, multimedia and more.

AYV Annual Timeline
  • Educator Training Over three days, AYV Educators enhance their teaching strategies and gain new skills to enable young people to express themselves using digital tools.
  • Hype Session AYV Facilitators come to your location and lead activities with the youth to generate enthusiasm about the projects that they will be creating and answer any questions the have about their participation over the year.
  • Project Pitch Youth participants travel to Adobe in San Francisco to present their idea, receive feedback from media professionals, and confirm that they have a solid plan before they go into production.
  • Career Panel Adobe staff and industry experts come together to interact with youth participants, sharing their jobs, their stories, and their motivations for working in media production today.
  • Rough Cut Review Youth participants return to Adobe to receive feedback on ways to clarify their message and synthesize their ideas, as well as to offer feedback to other youth whose projects are being presented. This is an opportunity to consider not only the project presentation, but how youth present themselves professionally as well.
  • AYV LIVE! Youth from all over the Bay Area who have participated in AYV throughout the year, come together for this very special showcase celebrating their work with a large live audience.
Participant Benefits
  • Training: Three and a half days of professional development in facilitating youth media; access to Adobe Youth Voices curriculum, school year workshops and media arts career panels. Includes potential supplemental instruction for students through Next Gen's digital pathways after school program.
  • Software: Receive Adobe software for your school (technical specifications and demonstration of need required).
  • Mentors: Have access to mentors and on-site support throughout the school year as well as monthly check-ins.
  • Exhibit: BAVC and AYV will curate youth media projects for exhibition in Spring 2015, which will then air on SF Commons public access TV.
  • Stipends: Educators leading a cohort of youth, who have participated in training and demonstrate a need, receive a stipend for their participation, which can be used to cover hardware, transportation and incidentals.
Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible, interested educators (both in-school and after-school) within the Bay Area must:
  • Serve predominantly low-income, disadvantaged middle and high school youth (ages 13–18)
  • Have access to (or a plan to access) media production equipment and resources
  • Commitment of administrators and/or information technology department to expedite the purchase of equipment and materials - especially the installation of donated software on site computers as soon as it is made available.

Participant Responsibilities

Participating Educators are responsible for the following:

  • Participate in Educator Training- as well as check-ins with the AYV Coordinator throughout the school year.
  • Develop a schedule to incorporate AYV into your program, which will be drafted collaboratively during Educator Training.
  • Launch your program plan.
  • Guide youth (ages 13-18) over the course of the year in the creation of youth media using the digital tools provided.
  • Complete periodic reports describing progress, sharing best practices and program evaluations.
  • Register to bring youth to AYV events, including Project Pitch, Rough Cut Review, and AYV Live!, or arrange for youth to participate on site with the support of AYV staff.
  • Contribute youth media work to the AYV collection to be exhibited locally, online and globally.

Download the Letter of Commitment.


For more information about Adobe Youth Voices, visit:

or email Bay Area Network Coordinator Lauren Taylor at laurentaylor[at]

To apply for Adobe Youth Voices, click here.