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When you give to BAVC, you support a unique and vital resource. We serve over 5,000 people every year, including:

  • Training 2,000 job-seekers in media and interactive design.
  • Helping dislocated workers re-enter the workforce with a 95% placement rate.
  • Providing up to 100 youth, many from low-income communities, with intensive media training, college and career readiness services and paid internships.
  • Reaching hundreds more through teacher training programs, which serve approximately 50 educators annually.
  • Working with over 125 public access television producers through SF Commons.
  • Preserving over 400 hours of audiovisual media.
  • Supporting nationally and internationally recognized documentary filmmakers.

This is the BAVC community: diverse, creative, entrepreneurial people leveraging the power of media to make and share their stories. And by supporting our work with a tax-deductible donation, you become part of this community. Please join us!

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