Annual Report 2010: Next Gen

In 2010, the Next Gen programs expanded its reach by directly serving area classroom teachers and community-based organizations.

Using our core audio curriculum and our extensive experience working in schools and with Community Based Organizations (CBO), Next Gen staff developed and piloted a week-long professional development training for classroom teachers and direct service staff from area community-based organizations. Using the pilot as a foundation, we developed an equivalent teacher training program in video production to launch in summer 2011.

In the Summer of 2010, youth in Next Gen’s filmmaking program The Factory worked directly in the community through the Factory’s newly implemented summer program, Community Filmmaking Partnerships. The Digital Pathways program completed the first year of its Open Source training track and launched an all-girls audio engineering program.

The core Next Gen programming includes: The Factory, BUMP Records, Digital Pathways (Audio, all girl Audio track, Open Source/Creative Programming and 3D/Gaming and Animation) and one week-long summer Teacher Training in audio and video.

The Factory - Advanced Video Production

The Factory, BAVC's advanced video production collective for youth, produced 15 short films in 2010. The program served 20 youth directly, while exposing another 20 Bay Area youth to digital filmmaking processes. Their films, a collection of documentaries, PSAs, and narrative shorts, screened in 24 different film festivals around the country, taking the top prize at seven. Factory films also left the continent in 2010 with eight shorts screening at the South African Youth International Film Festival, and Factory youth competing in a music video filmmaking competition with South African youth.

In total, more than 5,000 viewers witnessed Factory work in a theatrical environment, while Factory films were screened another 3,000 times online and more than 300 DVDs of Factory work were disseminated to the public. Click to see a complete list of all the 2010 screenings, and films.

Next Gen Screenings and Awards

Factory students also traveled with their media. In 2101 four young filmmakers attended to the Superfly Filmmaking workshop in Seattle, where they collaborated with youth filmmakers from around the country to produce a series of shorts that promoted awareness of the customs and history of Washington’s indigenous population of Native Americans.

Perhaps the most dramatic development in 2010 was the implementation of The Factory’s Community Filmmaking Partnerships (CFP), a collaboration between Factory youth and socially-conscious Bay Area organizations that would benefit from some form of media documentation. Over the summer, the Factory paired groups of four youth filmmakers, with a nonprofit organization, and together they created films to advance the organization’s cause. The summer’s partners included the Hatlen Center for the Blind, the counter-Military recruiting organization Baypeace, and Alice Waters’ Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley.

The Factory’s CFPs prepared our youth for the “real world” by pairing them with clients, facilitating collaboration between youth from different organizations. Students received stipends and were held accountable for their work. This emphasized the production of films with a social utility while rooting our work in our community; and, leveraged BAVC skills and resources to amplify the voices of people doing good work in our community. This “making of” youth-made film chronicles The Factory and its Community Filmmaking Partnerships.

BUMP Records - Advanced Music Performance and Production

In 2010, BUMP implemented a more structured format for programming, developing curricula for the training provided to the two categories of BUMP artists -- vocalist/performers and producer/engineers. In addition to the time designated for the individual artists to develop their projects, greater focus was placed on group activities and workshops. Topics covered in workshops included artistic perspective, performance techniques and fundamental music business concepts. Students were also required to start booking studio time in advance, practicing professionalism and time management.

2010 saw a collaborative effort between BUMP and Youth Movement Records, which culminated in a performance critique held in Downtown Oakland at the Black Box Theater, with a performance by Breeyana Lovelace and Rhymescheme for a panel including League510 (BUMP Alumni were also featured on MTV, VH1 and ESPN) and Claytoven Richardson (Claytoven Music Entertainment).

BUMP also celebrated the release of three new albums in June. Artists Rhymescheme, PostModern Escape Artist, and Breeyana Lovelace hit the stage to perform tracks from their projects. Also performing were BUMP artists Nina Saraphina and Kurse Krew. Two of BUMP’s recording artist--Abbas and Breeyana Lovelace--performed at UC Berkeley for Generation Waking Up.

BUMP’s 2010 release party was followed by a new summer session with new faces Shad, McCoy, Otto and the Young Rebelz. By the end of the summer the new compilation album, Summer Reign vol. 2 was released. A special was held on SF Commons where artists were interviewed as well as performed on live television.

The year concluded with two major events: a week long song writing intensive featuring song writers Dom Jones, Ed James and Cal and TK of The League; as well as, a trip to Bird and Egg Studio where BUMP artists got the chance to work with Nino Moschella and The Park, considered to be the best live band in the Bay Area.

Digital Pathways

In 2010, BAVC continued to offer Digital Pathways audio production, 3D Animation & Gaming, and Open Source tracks. Fifty youth were served through our 2009-10 year of programming. In the Fall of 2010, we received close to 100 applicants for our fall programs and accepted forty.

In the Spring of 2010, we completed our first pilot year of Open Source--a course that served as a survey to the field of Open Source software development and programming. For 2010-11, its second year of programming, we brought on artist and programmer Gabriel Dunne to join the Next Gen teaching staff.

In Spring of 2010, all graduating students in the video production program completed personal narrative shorts. They also participated as a class for the Human Rights Watch: Youth Producing Change Film Festival at the Yerba Buena Gardens and attended the Youth Shorts program at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. During the summer, one of our video graduates was accepted into a Summer CalArts program in video production and another student attended the Factory team that attended the Superfly Film Festival in Seattle, Washington.

BAVC continued to offer its popular Digital Pathways Audio class. Students learned music composition, audio engineering and audio post-production skills. With the class now in its fifth cohort, the curriculum and instruction have achieved a significant level of refinement, with students producing projects on par with college-level work. In addition to the technical training, the pre-professional training component of the course has been further developed through group workshops, guest speakers and field trips. In April 2010, students took a field trip to Sony’s offices in Foster City and toured the facility where audio is produced for Playstation video games. In November, students took a trip to Pyramind, a post-secondary school focused on professional audio. Students learned about some of their options around pursuing higher education in audio.

In Fall 2010, Digital Pathways added a second Audio class exclusively for young women. This all-female cohort was created as an attempt to address the under-representation of women in the audio industry in general and in Digital Pathways Audio classes specifically. Initially unsure of the demand for such a program, BAVC staff were excited to discover that many young women were looking for a class like Digital Pathways Audio who were more inclined to join an all-female group. The 10 students in this first cohort demonstrated great enthusiasm and dedication to the program, with some students participating in extra-curricular instruction and other opportunities. For example, several students volunteered their skills to help to record an audio podcast for a BAVC member event. We are working to further develop this class to connect young women to opportunities and resources in the audio industry.

Next Gen continued its 3D Animation & Gaming class, its most popular track in the Digital Pathways program. In early 2010, our instructor Sirron Norris was offered an opportunity to create an animated series on the Fox network. We soon hired game designer Mohammed Allababdibi to complete instruction and launched fall programming in 2010.

Digital Pathways programming culminated in a rigorous summer internship program, where BAVC placed 25 youth in professional industry internships at sites including NASA, Common Sense Media and ANKH Marketing. Interns were individually placed at sites based on personal interests and skill sets. Internship projects included providing direct support to NASA's Nebula cloud computing platform as well as building promotional videos and digital media assets at Outspark; and serving as an audio/promotions assistant for Quality Control Marketing, among others.

School and Community Based Sites

In 2010 BAVC launched the new BUMP Beats model for bringing music production classes into schools and community-based organizations. With BUMP Beats, educators and youth services providers who want to offer music instruction to their students gain access to BAVC’s 18-week curriculum and receive free training and support in starting their own classes. In June 2010, BAVC ran a week-long Teacher Training workshop wherein educators participated in an intensive training covering the BUMP Beats curriculum, technical skills, best practices and information around logistical issues, such as program fundraising and sustainability. Coming out of the Training, BUMP Beats programs were subsequently launched at five sites in San Francisco, Oakland and Alameda. BAVC staff continued to support these sites through regular site visits and email communication witht the teachers. As of March 2011, approximately 391 students had gone through BUMP Beats classes. Post-program feedback was gathered from the participants of the first Training via a survey; this information is being incorporated into planning for the second Teacher Training to take place in June 2011. Given the success of the Music Production Training, we have decided to also offer a Video Training workshop based around the same model.

In the Summer of 2010, we concluded a partnership project with ZeroDivide, La Clinica de la Raza, in Oakland, California. Together with staff at La Clinica, we completed a short documentary ABRIENDO LAS CAJAS that looked at the effects of media on violence in the city of Oakland and to create community awareness around this issue. In October of 2010, Next Gen instructor Rosario Sotelo presented this project and its findings at a conference in Atlanta, Georgia - “New Routes to Community Health.”